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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain, paving the way for a decentralized exchange of values. By creating a decentralized currency exchange for yourself, you can be part of the next billion-dollar revolution. Once you understand how exchange works, this will help you understand the crypto-commercial behavior between buyers and sellers.

Smart crypto solution is a cryptocurrency exchange development company that is pioneering the development of full cryptocurrency trading software to facilitate secure and fast transactions.

Our team of experienced blockchain developers will build a customizable and scalable crypto-currency exchange platform that focuses on security, connectivity and a transparent environment. Being the company that guarantees the revolution of digital resources through the development of Cryptocurrency Exchange. Let's start!

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions

Building a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange from scratch is a tedious process, not to mention the costs incurred during the design and development phase. But with our advanced white label cryptocurrency exchange software you will receive a cutting-edge trading platform tailored to you.

Our state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange software offers stellar performance and high-tech security features for hassle-free transactions. White Label exchange solutions are designed to help you save time and unexpected costs.

Our cryptocurrency exchange software has following features:
  • Engine corresponding to 20,000 TPS
  • Fiscal with respect to building from scratch
  • Highly customizable
  • Provide liquidity through order routing

One-Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency trading, One-Page Exchange swiftness up the mechanism by eliminating the KYC process verification, the deposit / withdrawal price and simultaneously allowing trading between different cryptocurrencies.

The one-page exchange offers cryptocurrency investors an intuitive interface and components such as engines, wallet and other compatible features supported by the back-end.

Unlike other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges where tokens are used to obtain transaction discounts or exchange fees, the one-page exchange allows purpose of exchanging them.

Some Major Advantages Of One-Page Exchange:

Highly secured

The one-page exchange, unlike centralized exchanges, has no intermediary in the system through its wallet-to-wallet transaction mechanism.

Full Privacy

Negotiations between the parties are private and do not involve any interference by any intermediary.

Price Optimization

To the extent that negotiation with a third party is not involved, parallel adaptation is eliminated and knowledge of current trading is limited.

Two-Factor Authentication

Users can be confident with QR code authentication and backup codes designed to ensure a smooth login.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Features

Develop the user account system

The user account system plays an important role in creating the cryptocurrency wallet as this is where the digital amount will be stored. When you build a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are required to control all the transactions.

Payment Processing

This is another essential element so you need to consider it carefully. You can also get the support of payment processors such as: payment gateway API and bank. Thus, customers can easily withdraw or send cash easily.

Convenient UI

For the effective cryptocurrency exchange development, it is always good to use the user-friendly UI design that helps you to get more customers. Our developers are highly specialized in developing the customized application as per your particular requirements.

Admin Control

The user account system plays an important role in creating the cryptocurrency wallet as this is where the digital amount will be stored. When you build a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are required to control all the transactions.

Software for Crypto Exchange

For the crypto application development, there are three software options available. Firstly, if you want to develop your own software our expert panel of developers can assist you in dealing with this task. Secondly, you can opt for an open-source script where we take out the list of available supporting to build your exchange.

Cryptocurrency Support

When our crypto developers create cryptocurrency exchange architecture, we determine the number of cryptocurrencies which are going to be supported by your exchange. We provide extended support to all our clients ensuring their exchange grows and investments multiply.

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