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"Smart Crypto Solution is your one-stop destination to develop your own customized white label cryptocurrency exchange platform."

Cryptocurrency exchange trading platform acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. They securely manage cryptocurrencies and encrypted financial data to ensure a transaction is executed. Sellers send their crypto currency to the exchange, which then sends it to the buyer once the buyer has made the payment. Funex coin exchange facilitate this method of secure transaction between buyers and sellers, allowing all users to freely exchange bitcoins and altcoins.

Business goals:
Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While some crypto exchange platform only supports few or limited number of cryptocurrencies, Funex coin exchange platform allows people to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • Exchange
  • Margin Trading
  • Margin Funding
  • Order Types
  • Customizable Interface
  • Security
  • High Performance
    Built with tried-and-tested technology
  • Privacy
    We use data for compliance and reporting, while keeping private data secure.
  • Open-Source
    Funex coin development code is open for all.
  • Reliable
    We use distributed exchanges, so server overload won't harm the network.
  • Security
    Users have full control of their cryptocurrency assets.
  • Lacking
    Building a reliable cryptocurrency exchange for people to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies easily.
  • Management
    Most of cryptocurrency exchanges are managed by inexperienced, small or out-sourced team.
    Without authentic KYC and AML process there is possibility of criminal practices such as money laundering.
  • Security
    Hacking due to lack of security protocols and best practices
Our Solutions:
  • To be known as a trusted, secure & robust cryptocurrency exchange platform following authentic and reliable processes.
  • Strict KYC & AML policies– verification of ID prior to trading
  • Having in-house team of technology leaders and blockchain experts to consult on setup & management of exchange.
  • Initial partnership with major cryptocurrencies to provide initial liquidity
  • Proven track record of delivering growth and success in various industries.


"Smart Crypto Solution is your one-stop destination to develop your own customized white label cryptocurrency exchange platform."

The best choice of bitcoin mining platform, Crypt X Mine is first in the world to introduce syndicate pooled mining. Unlike cloud mining where investors only buy hash-rates and risk bitcoin difficulty and price volatility. Syndicate mining allows a pool of investors to buy a large mining farm and split the profit equally on a contract basis similar to an insurance.

Business goals:
Creating accessible and translucent, performance-driven solutions for the blockchain network

  • High-tech Bitfury hardware
  • mpressive blockchain network
  • Maximum profits
  • Quality and innovative services
  • Global contacts
  • Experienced team
  • Secure environment
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Legal and registered activities
  • Three Mining Locations
  • Invest now and start mining in seconds
  • No hidden costs
  • Daily Earnings
  • Feature Rich Control Panel
  • Innovative Mining Technology
  • Powerful Infrastructure
State-of-art hardware:
  • Upgradeable design
  • Six heatsinked hash boards
  • 576 custom-built Bitfury chips
  • An unmatched hash rate of up to 50 TH/s
  • Proprietary Bitfury string power design
  • Variable voltage for efficiency
  • Debian Linux mining software
  • Datacenter management software, and
  • 90 days warranty package
Simple steps to start
  • Sign up using Quick Link or Global Link
  • Verify your email and upload ID proof (passport, national ID or driver’s license). See ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC)
  • Under Profile, choose base currency as Bitcoin or Crypt X Dollar (CXD)
  • Deposit Bitcoin or Crypt X Dollar (CXD) into your wallet.
  • BUY your package
  • Earn your daily ROI
  • You can select Direct Sponsor on your LEFT and RIGHT to activate Direct Sponsor income, pairing income, awards and rewards
  • In order to withdraw your profits, you must complete Step 2 KYC verification by uploading HOLD ID proof and sign contract


"Whether you plan to create a Bitcoin wallet or a wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, Smart Crypto Solution is ready to help you to achieve your desired goals."

Cryptocurrency's wallets are software that store your public and private keys and interacts with various blockchains so that users can analyze and monitor their balance, send money and perform other operations. When a person sends you bitcoins or any other type of digital currency, they essentially sign the ownership of the coins at the address of your wallet.

Business goals:
NetArt platform aims to establish a decentralized payment system to increase the cryptocurrency adoption for common people.

  • Password Protection
  • Distribution of Policies Access
  • Closed Key Generation
  • New Address Creation
  • Wallet Attachment to Owner's Email
  • Multi Transactions
  • Balance Status
  • Block/Unblock Address
Wallet Benefits:
  • Private keys
    NetArt encrypts private keys and transaction data on your device and only for your personal use. Your data remains private - no account registration or configuration is required.
  • Friendly and easy
    NetArt makes learning and using blockchain resources easier. No "technical language" or confusing passages. Easily control your assets.
  • Made for users
    NetArt is designed for people who have never used an exchange. Ready to exchange Bitcoins for another resource? NetArt hides complex details while resources are exchanged behind the scenes in seconds.
  • 24-hour assistance
    We will not leave you alone. NetArt offers an online help desk and 24/7 customer support, for quick answers to your questions.
  • The wallet portfolio had to support both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  • NetArt wanted to gradually switch to the cutting-edge technology of the blockchain and wanted its users to be able to trade with traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • The challenge was that the transactions must be performed once the user has approved the delivery of the funds.
Our Solutions:
  • With our years of experience working with different industries and organizations, it was easy to setup a transaction system that supported all forms of currencies.
  • NetArt developed a customized dashboard through which, individual transactions could be monitored and controlled by an authorized person.
  • The dashboard functionality has been reduced to a considerable extent and most of the functions of the cryptocurrency wallet are being executed automatically.
Lottery Game


"World's Leading Game Development Agency"

Our range of lottery games and tools is designed to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team of creative programmers, marketing experts and lottery experts worked together to create the game of the Lotto.

Lottery games are one of the largest consumer products on the planet. They entertain and make players thrill. Above all, fund good causes such as education, health and social welfare, the elderly, roads, bridges and the environment. Lotto is a simple and fun numerical game in which you can choose five numbers from 1 to 50. In each draw, six random numbers are drawn, as well as two bonus numbers.

By choosing your own numbers

This means you mark a play slip with your six selected numbers in each panel that you wish to play.

By choosing Quick Pick numbers

Quick Pick means your numbers are randomly selected for you instantly. Or if you prefer you can mark the Quick Pick box in the panels on your play slip.

Random selection

Use this magical Lotto button to automatically select your numbers with just one click.


Our game alerts are designed to inform our players about ticket status at all times and immediately.


This feature allows players to subscribe to all multi-draws with selected numbers.

Add to Cart

Easy and secured payment gateway integration to assure your funds and tickets are safe.



"The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform"

To highlight the uniqueness of your business, we allow our customers to customize their cryptocurrency trading platform according to their needs. However, there is never a compromise in terms of security and protection because it is our number one priority, regardless of the business sector.

With digitalized business, you must strengthen your roots. So, it's time to get cryptocurrency software development solutions to meet your most stringent requirements. robust and reliable cryptocurrency trading solutions.

Advance Exchange Features

API integration
To support transactions involving multiple digital currencies, we integrate multiple APIs to simplify and simplify all financial transactions on the platform.

Multi-currency portfolio
We develop multi-currency portfolios that meet the needs of all your clients and use different currencies around the world.

Admin Panel
With a powerful admin panel, you can always track everything that's happening on your cryptographic exchange platform.

Ultra-fast transaction
We have developed a high-speed algorithm to handle thousands of transactions per second.

Basic Exchange features

Our platform uses its own cryptocurrency specifications to provide a secure way to exchange various crypto currencies with an unapproved counterpart without even having the trusted third party trusted.

Our trading software works with advanced order matching algorithms and high liquidity to ensure the execution of high-volume orders for all currency pairs.

Our Solutions:

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
High-speed trading system capable of handling large volumes of trading per second.

KYC in one step Complete registration of users after using a KYC with the Banking and 2FA installation.

High speed trading Implementation of the trading engine supporting the FIX protocol and tested with thousands of transactions per second.

Blockchain monitoring Real-time blockchain monitoring with multiple coin and token support for instant transaction processing.

Calculation of fees calculating fees based on trading volumes and multiple plans for a better return on investment for traders.

API access Full API access for traders for currency exchange and transfer for automated algorithmic trading.



"The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform."

The platform on which a cryptocurrency can be exchanged with other currencies is called a cryptocurrency exchange. The challenge for developers of Cryptocurrency Exchange is not the features but the speed of data transfer and data security. Our cryptocurrency developers use blockchain technology for transaction security and confidentiality. Our engineers develop the exchange of cryptocurrency so that thousands of blocks of data can be processed in a fraction of a second.

Business goals: We make sure we are able to meet the needs of your business. Therefore, we provide a wide range of eminent cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for your requirements, ready to run.

Exchange Features:
  1. Trade Summary
  2. Account Balance
  3. Trading Chart
  4. Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies
  5. Trade History Report
  6. Open Order Management
  7. Personal Trading Report
Profile & Kyc Verification

The user needs to fill Personal Information details like username, full name, email id, mobile number, full communication address and sponsor ID for verification.

Major Challenges
  1. At least 1000 transactions per second.
  2. User-friendly trading interface.
  3. Blockchain based technology platform.
  4. Cryptocurrency exchange service.
  5. The platform should include KYC module.
  6. Integration with different payment services and other cryptocurrency networks for fund transactions.
Our Solutions
  1. Mockups development according to users’ behavior.
  2. Integrate with external cryptocurrency sources and payment system for fiat currencies.
  3. Full KYC service development.
  4. UI/UX management for all types of devices.
  5. Order matching.
  6. Functional displaying of exchange rates.
  7. Comprehensive testing.


"Smart Crypto Solution offers complete ICO development solutions, from conceptualizing token design to white paper creation, landing page design and ICO marketing, to help our customers successfully launch their ICOs."

Valyuta is a gold-backed cryptocurrency that aims to provide security and reliability to their members by assuring the price of its coin. The price of Valyuta token is always the same as the current value of physical gold. This guarantees a minimum value of the token as the value of this gold is based on the gold price of the day; so, even at a minimum, the coin will be equal to the current gold price.

Business goals:
To achieve the level of trust, businesses need to be fully transparent with their total gold reserves and also regularly prove that these reserves are relative to the issued coins.

  • Compared to fiat currency, cryptocurrencies have many resourceful benefits like easy transactions, decentralization, security, privacy and limited supply.
  • These advantages have gained attraction to the investors, thus has driven huge demand and generated big profits for many cryptocurrencies.
  • Yet, most of the cryptocurrencies have proven to be unworthy and their characteristics behave more like equities with high volatility of price. In simple words, they are treated as an unsafe asset class.
  • The main reasons behind downfall of these cryptocurrencies are security issues, technology negligence and confusing details and information.
  • Fiat currencies have their own natural risks as fiat currencies do not rely on gold standard and totally depends upon governments to manage them.
  • Cryptocurrencies are alternative to fiat currencies which are backed by the government.
  • Security
    Coins such as Valyuta or VLT token that are backed by real gold. This assures that the value of coin is less volatile.
  • Volume
    The volume and supply of gold-backed crypto currencies are limited; thus, the supply cannot be manipulated like the fiat currency.
  • Yet, most of the cryptocurrencies have proven to be unworthy and their characteristics behave more like equities with high volatility of price. In simple words, they are treated as an unsafe asset class.
  • Portability
    Gold-backed Cryptocurrencies are way different from physical gold, you do not have to carry your gold along with you and travel. Gold backed cryptos allow you to carry your gold in digital form
  • Each VLT coin is backed by 1 gram of physical gold, this ensures the least value of coin is same as the value of live gold price.
  • Valyuta offers even more transparency that allows its investors to buy, sell and trade with confidence as it allows them to track their transactions.
  • Unlike any other cryptocurrency, the Valyuta coin will enable individual ownership.
  • Valyuta enable users to use it as their investments, money transfers, payments or trading purpose.
  • Valyuta is considerably less volatile than Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • The minimum value of Valyuta coin will be always equal to the current value of gold.
Treasure SL


"At Smart Crypto Solution, you get the best-in-class cryptocurrency wallet development services for processing the digital exchanges."

Treasure SL coin is a global physical cryptocurrency that aims for strong security and quick transfer based on an electronic payment system. With its own unique infrastructure, Treasure SL platform enables merchants and consumers to collaborate on a single platform to accept cryptocurrencies and standardize reward programs.

Business goals:
Treasure SL platform aims to establish a decentralized payment system to increase the cryptocurrency adoption at retail outlets.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Ecommerce Market Place
  • Unified Reward System
  • Peer to Peer
  • Secure and Transparent
  • Lightning Network
  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Provide solutions for blockchain-based payment transactions between merchants and consumers
  • Create a consumer-driven payment ecosystem
  • Increase the adoption rate of the Treasure SL coin, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency
  • Our coins are based on lighting network services to help pay for them quickly.
  • If our coin prices change on the exchange, consumers can pay the merchants as much as the market price has fluctuated.
  • Reduce advertising costs significantly compared to other portal sites when registering on Treasure SL platform
  • Cryptomarket Unstability
    Cryptocurrency market fluctuates on a very high rate which in turn impacts the margins of retailers/merchants if they accept this as a common payment method.
  • Lack of technical Guidance
    The retailers as well as consumers have a tendency that working with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies needs a technical understanding of how to use it.
  • Regulatory Changes
    The regulatory policies as well as government rules also keep on changing and at some point, of time, they are very stringent.
Our Solutions:
  • Treasure SL coin is a Scrypt algorithm-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to create a new economic system.
  • On Treasure SL platform consumer will check the information and location of the merchants and use coins on them.
  • Treasure SL coin is designed to facilitate consumers as well as merchants in a significant way.
  • The platform has a unique reward system to pay bonus to repeat customers or customers with large amount of payments
  • The ease and simplicity of transactions with Treasure SL coins mitigates the difficulties of merchants in accepting cryptocurrency
Coin Market


"Smart Crypto Solution is your one-stop destination to develop your own customized white label cryptocurrency exchange platform"

Coin Market is a global service provider of cryptocurrency market data. It allows institutional investors and individuals to access reliable, real-time and high-quality market data and prices on various currency pairs and crypto coins. The Coin Market offers a complete and holistic overview of the market. To ensure data integrity, Coin Market periodically reviews cryptographic exchanges, monitors market abuse and takes into account regional anomalies and geographical movements.

The coin market is the perfect place to learn about crypto-currencies and start understanding some of the fundamental concepts of blockchain.

  • List of Popular Coins
  • Latest Market Insights
  • List of Popular Exchanges
  • List of Popular Exchanges
  • List of Popular Mining
  • List of Popular Wallets
  • Add/Remove Reviews
  • Cryptocurrency Converter
  • Latest News

What does the coin market do?
Coin market products: cryptocurrency data, order data, historical and blockchain data, social data, reports and a series of cryptocurrency indices. The coin market adheres to the strictest standards to protect data integrity by standardizing global sources to ensure consistency and market security.

Coin Market has entered into a series of strategic partnerships to provide accurate, real-time market data to trading professionals and investors, enabling them to identify specific buying and selling opportunities, expand their digital asset portfolios and make better investment decisions.

Insights Offered by Coin Market:
  • Cryptocoin Market
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Trending/Breaking News
  • Coin Market Widgets
  • Custom Advertising

About Coin Market
The coin market is a central authority for clear and concise information, which provides unprecedented depth analysis of data, thus narrowing the gap between crypto assets heritage and traditional financial markets.

Local Crypto


"At Smart Crypto Solution, you get the best-in-class cryptocurrency wallet development services for processing the digital exchanges"

Local Cryptos allows people from different cities, states and countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. Local Cryptos allows users to post their advertisements to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins are placed in Local Cryptos web wallet from where you can trade directly.

Business Goals:
At Local Cryptos, our main focus is to build a unique and reliable community for crypto enthusiasts and expand our name to bring Bitcoin exchange to every city in the world.

  • Fast
    When you want to buy or sell crypto coins, Local Cryptos is your best option. You receive and send coins directly to/from your wallet. No middle-man.
  • Trusted and Safe
    We use strict measures and verification when choosing our trusted retailers. They are there to help you whether this is your first crypto experience, or you are an expert trader.
  • Convenient
    Local Cryptos is a lot simpler to use than traditional crypto ATM's and P2P methods.
  • Ever Growing
    Local Cryptos is expanding day by day to ensure that every users and trade crypto currencies locally.
Multiple Payment Methods:

Local Cryptos allows buyers and sellers to transact using variety of payment methods like:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfers
  • Western Union
  • Wire Exchanges
  • Many other
Buying and Selling Option on Local Cryptos:

Local Cryptos allows buyers and sellers to transact using variety of payment methods like:

  • Buying and selling bitcoin (without an ad)
  • Buying and selling bitcoin (as an advertiser)
  • Sending bitcoin to another Local Cryptos wallet
  • Sending bitcoin to a third-party wallet
How to send and receive on Local Cryptos?
  • Find a listing that sells bitcoins
    On local Cryptos you can buy bitcoins online or in person. You'll see multiple listings on the home page of the website with ads. Click on one of them to see how much a trader sells bitcoins. You can also post your ad.
  • Transfer the funds
    When you start a transaction, you go through the escrow process of local Cryptos. This means that you are sending money to local Cryptos, not to the seller. At the same time, your trading partner will send bitcoins to the platform. Once you and the seller have sent the funds, Local Cryptos will give you bitcoins and money for your business partner.
  • Send bitcoins to your recipient
    Once you have purchased bitcoins, send them from your local Cryptos wallet to the recipient's wallet.
  • Your recipient sells bitcoins
    Finally, your recipient can sell bitcoins on local Cryptos for the fiat currency of his choice.

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